Today is the final day for voting, in face we only have 3 hours left.  It’s been challenging because the site doesn’t work that well, especially not with Safari. Had lots of emails from people who thought they voted, but it turns out they were never logged in.  It’s best to use Firefox or Chrome, log in with FACEBOOK is fast and then you don’t have to register. After you are logged in, click on ENTRIES, then find CYNTHIA BRIAN. It’s easiest if you use the pull down menu under Prizes and click on Top Rated. Cynthia Brian is on the top in 4th. Click on that picture of the Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio stars of Be the Star You Are!® charity and THEN, click on VOTE FOR THIS ENTRY. Thanks again…:-)!/entry/1847513

HELP Be the Star You Are!® charity win $500! in the 2013 lur® apparel Female Sustainable Leader Awards!


We are in 4th place, but YOU can change that toFIRST!  We need you to VOTE today before 5pm ET for Cynthia Brian!/entry/1847513


Cynthia Brian has been nominated as a female sustainable leader by lur® apparel.VOTE NOW!


Through March 29th at 5pm ET, you can vote once a day to recognize Cynthia Brianfor her positive efforts in making a meaningful difference in the lives of others through her work with the 501 c3 charity,Be the Star You Are!®


The lure® apparel 2013 Sustainable Leader Award recognizes female leaders who are going above and beyond in the service of an organization’s mission.


Help Be the Star You Are!® win a $500 cash prize.


Click on this link:!/entry/1847513


Easiest way to log-in is via Facebook, Click on ENTRIES,  Browse for  CYNTHIA BRIAN, Click VOTE for this Entry!!/entry/1847513


Thanks and Have Blessed Good Friday

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Empowerment Architect TV/Radio Personality, Writer, Speaker, Spokesperson, Success Coach, New York Times best-selling Author, Philanthropist, Gardener, Champion Chicken Raiser. Available to coach you in media, acting, writing, presentations, and life challenges. For companies, businesses, and corporations. Hire me as your spokesperson with energy, enthusiasm, passion, ​and integrity for all media and events. SMILE!
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