If you don’t read French, You’ll still LOVE the Photos!

A Must Have Beautiful Coffee Table Book on Vernon, Saint-Marcel & Giverny

In October of 2010, I returned to France to visit Monet’s Gardens. I had not been there since I was a student at the Universite de Bordeaux. Since I am a garden writer, I knew that it was time to make the pilgrimage. In choosing a place to stay for the night, I researched thoroughly and decided upon a restored former monastery in the nearby town of Vernon. What captured my attention was that the proprietors, Alain and Ariane Cauderlier were writers, photographers, guides, and experts on Monet, Giverny, and the environs. In addition, they had renovated the historic building themselves and also were avid gardeners.

I knew we’d hit off. The total experience was extraordinary and while I was there Ariane told me about a book she wanted to write, but wasn’t sure about the publishing options. Since I coach writers and would be authors, I asked if she’d like me to give her some advice on her options.  We chatted, I autographed  copy of my Be the Star You Are!® for TEENS book for them, she autographed original photographs of Monet’s Gardens that she took which are included in the Giverny book sold at the bookstore.

I invited her to be a guest on my radio program, StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!® and our conversation continued in November.  Ariane is fluent in English as well as French and other languages and the interview was superb. Listen to the interview: http://www.starstyleradio.com/RADIO_SHOWS/Radio_Shows/Entries/2010/11/11_Prostitution%2C_Giverny_Guide%2C_French_Connection.html

This past summer I wrote a review of their lovely bed and breakfast, L’Hermitage, that was published at Trip Advisor. Read it here: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g641871-d1774660-r117507152-The_Hermitage_Bed_Breakfast-Vernon_Eure_Haute_Normandie_Normandy.html#UR117507152. I didn’t even think to email them the link.

Then today, September 16, 2011, a lovely package arrived in the mail from France. When I opened it, a glorious hardcover coffee table book was inside with this inscription:

“To Cynthia Brian who gave me confidence and a decisive impulse when I most needed it, and who encouraged me to self-publish this book on Vernon, Saint-Marcel & Giverny. This proved to be the best advice I have ever received. Forever indebted and grateful! “  Ariane Caudeler, author/photographer, Vernon, Saint-Marcel & Giverny, 8 Juiliett, 2011

I was amazed, dazzled, and grateful for this precious gift that took two months to arrive in California. Although we have not been in contact since the November radio broadcast, Ariane was kind enough to remember me.

And now, I invite you to check out this lovely book, all in French with hundreds of original photos from the beautiful French countryside of Vernon, Saint-Marcel & Giverny.   Visit http://www.editions-givernales.com.

This is bound to be the ultimate book sold at Monet’s Garden bookstore.  Enjoy and merci Ariane et Alain!

J’ai hâte de revenir à Giverny, un jour prochain..

Ariane & Alain Caudelier with Cynthia Brian outside L'Hermitage, Vernon, France


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